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As a 2nd generation, independent family-run business in Kingston, Ontario, it is important to us to operate in a sustainable way and to also provide our clients with solutions that help them to accomplish this same goal.

Apart from our internal efforts to reduce our environmental footprint, we are constantly challenging ourselves to provide our clients with new and innovative ways to become more sustainable. To that end, we have begun labelling these products & solutions with “Levac Green” to raise awareness about more sustainable products and services.

the Levac Green label and our thinking behind it

GREEN Products & Services

These are just some of the ways we are trying to do our part in protecting and preserving our environment for future generations. 
Products that are produced close to our branches and thus avoid large CO2 emissions from being transported over long distances, such as IMPACTO protective products, manufactured in Belleville, Ontario
Bellaville lake
Lloyd’s chemical products are manufactured in Peterborough, Ontario and contain less harmful chemicals than competitive alternatives
Person studying
Our online Health & Safety training courses avoid travel time and other related expenses and reduce environmental impact (i.e. CO2 emissions and waste related to travel)
Value-added services (i.e. kitting operations) that are supported by local agencies and employ workers with physical and/or mental challenges
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Repair services for many of the products purchased at LEVAC – allowing longer lifespan
Repairing tools
Repairing table
Regrind & resharpening services for cutting tools (e.g. drills, endmills, etc), that would otherwise end up in a recycling bin, or worse, a landfill
Elecrtric gauge
A comprehensive line of battery-operated tools for sale and the opportunity to recycle batteries through our service partners
Recertification of a multitude of health & safety relevant equipment, along with material lifting equipment, improves the longevity of that equipment while keeping its users safe

Greener Alternative

When you see the label Levac Green you are presented with a greener alternative to a regular product

Our stock comprehends more than 20,000 items and 500 lines of products

Our Commitment is to get whatever you need

Our stock comprehends more than 20,000 items, 500 lines of products and the commitment to get whatever you need:
We are strategic partners of more than 300 worldwide leader brands in the industrial and construction fields.
We welcome the opportunity to discuss how Levac can partner with your organization’s Green initiatives - give us a call or send us an email
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