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Levac VMI Machine
Vendor Managed Inventory
From bins and shelves to vending machines - VMI systems reduce waste and increase availability.
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Levac Carabiner Fall ProtectionLevac Green Seal Icon
Fall Protection Equipment Inspection and Recertification
Providing workers with a safe work environment.
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Levac HoistLevac Green Seal Icon
Hoist & Lifting Equipment Inspection and Repair
Keeping your operations running in a safe and compliant manner.
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Levac Container spill ResponseLevac Green Seal Icon
Spill Response
Keeping everything under control.
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Levac Icon Gas Mask
Fit Testing
Protecting workers from hazardous airborne particles and gases.
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Tool BoxLevac Green Seal Icon
Cutting Tools Regrind
Our comprehensive regrind offering extends the lifetime of your tools while saving you money.
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Levac Green Logo
Levac Green
Environmentally aware
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