From bins and shelves to vending machines - VMI systems reduce waste and increase availability.
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Vendor Managed Inventory

The Point-of-Use solutions enable 24x7x365 efficiency, accountability and cost savings.

We use the most current inventory management technologies available. Our solutions bring proven simplification to the distribution and management of MRO, safety and tooling supplied at the work cell. Easily adaptable to unique business environments to deliver the industry's highest return on investment.

With our Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) System, we bring an uninterrupted supply of products to retailers avoiding time-consuming processes and running out of stock.


VMI products can include:
  • Safety Products
  • Cutting & Machine Tools
  • Adhesives
  • Chemicals
  • Abrasives & Tapes
  • Hand & Power Tools


VMI Advantages:
  • Avoid critical stock-outs with a fully catered system
  • Delivering point-of-use solutions that enable 24x7x365 efficiency, accountability, and cost savings.
  • Proven simplification to the distribution and management of MROP, safety and tooling supplies.
  • Easily adaptable to customer's business environments.
  • Same-day service for machines
  • Seamless re-ordering process
  • Customer-specific inventory available 24/7
  • Avoid critical stock-outs with a fully catered system
  • Replenishment can occur as often as you need (ex. once every two weeks, once a week, twice a week, etc.)
  • Levac always keeps extra stock of your VMI products at your facility.
  • Each VMI product is labelled with bar-code scanning technology.
  • Seamless reordering process.


What we do for you?

Levac offers a VMI System that is customized to your needs and requirements and can be implemented using vending machines, cabinets, and pre-existing inventory systems. Levac will ensure your VMI is stocked with quality products that are replenished regularly.

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